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The Egalitarian Arts Initiative

The EGA Foundation supports ongoing efforts to advance culture and society through our Egalitarian Arts Initiative (EGI).


EGI is a program focused on developing non-profit subsidiaries that apply our core values to the real world.


Each subsidiary will represent a different cause outlined by our current or ongoing missions. Missions are proposals within the organization that identify a method of achieving a positive outcome through a given objective.


As our company grows so will EGI's outreach. We plan on eventually adding additional missions to cover various issues in the not too distant future.

Mission One:

Native-American Media Fund

EGI's first mission is dedicated to the advancement and inclusion of Native-Americans in modern media.


Native-American's are one of the most underrepresented groups in American history. It is our objective to help create opportunities for Natives to get involved in producing and participating in various forms of media.


With this exposure, we hope to help kindle a more accurate picture of Native cultures and give rise to fresh perspectives within the art world.

We intend to interact with different Native-American tribes/reservations and offer classes, workshops, and exposure within the entertainment world.

Our end goal is to create future opportunities for Native Americans within our company or assist in matching talented individuals with partnering organizations. 

The Native-American Media Mission is currently fundraising and once meeting its goal will be in effect till 2025, where we will asses the program's achievements.

If you are interested in volunteering, feel free to contact us. Or, if you are interested in donating please click here

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