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"A polyamorous couple finds their marriage called into question after their loyalty to each other is tested by diverging expectations."


Starring Holly McDowell & Elizabeth Clary, "Lie Next to Me" has been hailed for its subtly and nuance in telling a highly contemporary story featuring prominent LGBTQ+ themes.


The film is currently enjoying success during its festival circuit and has most recently received a selection at the 2022, 15th annual CINEMA DIVERSE: Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival.

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Hot off the back of finishing their highly acclaimed short film, "Roses for Ms. Jacobs," duo David Legel & Andy Aguila sought to create one last student thesis film.

Considering their previous work a technical and creative achievement, the team felt the shortcomings of its confrontational and boundary-breaking themes narrowed their reach as filmmakers.

Looking to prove their potential marketability, the duo set their sights on telling a lighter, more relatable story. However, the team quickly found this new direction to be challenging in ways they had never anticipated.


The technical and logistical hurdles, including the Covid pandemic, made the hope of completing what had become a "troubled" project a mere fantasy. It wouldn't be until 2 years later, that the team returned to finish the project once and for all.


Immdeadtily upon their return to the project, the duo focused all their efforts on creatively solving the film's underlining issues. Despite their initial lack of confidence up to this point, endless hours of work led to what they now feel achieves their original goal.

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