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David Legel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andy Aguila

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director

Our Journey Has Just Begun, Here's Where We Started

At the age of 16, while living in the San Fernando Valley, David Legel first conceived of what would one day become Egalitarian Arts Foundation. Originally imagined as a media production company, the concept later evolved into a multifaceted, multimedia, mission-driven organization that continues to this day. 


David's first major collaborator and long-time childhood friend Andy Aguila was a major driving force in evolving the organization into a more ambitious, philosophical, liberal arts institution.


After refining the concept between high school and their early college years, the two would publish an official name and mission statement for the foundation in 2016. Their first official project under Egalitarian Arts Foundation would come one year later during the Summer of 2017.

From 2018 to 2020 the organization went on the produce, acquire, and publish multiple award-winning projects. During this period the team had also expanded from 2 to 8 members, all with the shared interest of using art and media as a tool for supporting Egalitarian values in both society and politics. 

However, after the onset of a worsening pandemic, the organization's final project before going on a hiatus would be a TV pilot for a series called, Capitol Joe. Due to the state of the entertainment industry and shared financial challenges, all but two of the foundation's team had disbanded by early 2021. 

With grim projections and limited resources, the foundation decided to place nearly all of its projects on hold. Between 2021 and the present day, the organization has been in a state of ongoing hibernation.


Though David and Andy's attention is now occupied by their full-time jobs in marketing, their dedication to Egalitarian Arts has by no means wavered. In due time, given the right resources, they plan on returning and developing the foundation back up, stronger than ever. 

A Greater Need for Representation

David Legel and Andy Aguila are both multifaced artist, with many skills, across many mediums. As childhood friends, their common interests were the inital spark that led to their long time collaberation as artists. With a growing self-discovery period in their 20's, Daivd and Andy have come to view their shared values as artsits through a completely new lens.

As neurodivergent artists, David and Andy have grown a deeper understanding of themselves and the need for representation in media and entertainment.

Together they founded an organization focused on art, a universal language that transcends all barriers. But little did they know at the time, that their drive for such an institution was intrinsically personal. 


Having collectively faced many lifelong challenges, their lived experiences directly informed the organization's original mission statement. 


It is with their self-discovery that Egalitarian Arts Foundation's mission to highlight, support, and publish neurodivergent and unrepresented art has only been reinforced. 

About the Founders

David Legel is a multimedia writer, director, and producer who grew up in poverty and temporary homelessness among the streets of downtown LA. After years of sacrificing everything, he and his single mother eventually built a stable life that allowed him to explore his passion for the arts. David now dedicates himself to communicating the diverse perspectives learned during his youth. He holds over a decade of education and work experience in the entertianment industry and remains resourceful even under the most bleak circumstances. 


Andy Aguila is a multimedia writer, director, and illistrator who grew up in the San Fernando Valley under poverty and an unstable learning environment. Andy eventually discovered healthy artstic outlets, using them as a support beam to give his life much needed structure. With a background in illustration and animation, Andy has since grown a passion for expressing his diverse voice as a filmmaker using his pre-existing skills. 


While working together David and Andy have won "Best North American Drama" from Canada's Alternative film festival, "Special Selection for Dramatic Excellence" from the Believe Psychology Film Festival, and a "Special Achievement Award" from The Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, to name a few. 


David & Andy have also worked on viral web-shows such as "Life as a Mermaid", "WitchHaven", & "Horror History."


Their complementary philosophies & work experience ensures the development of balanced, marketable, thought provoking entertainment in film & television. David & Andy are a team that believes good things come to those that make, not those that wait. 

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