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David Legel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

BFA Cinema & TV, Emphasis in Producing

Former Development Assistant at Rideback

& Winner of Best North American Drama 

Andy Aguila

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director

AFA Graphic Design, Emphasis in Animation

Graphic Designer at Suma & Animation

Director for "Lady with the Blue Skin"

Meet The Team Behind Egalitarian Arts

David Legel & Andy Aguila are childhood friends who have dedicated their lives to the arts.

David is a dyslexic, filmmaker who grew up in poverty and temporary homelessness among the streets of downtown LA. After years of sacrificing everything, he and his single mother eventually built a stable life that allowed him to explore his passion for the arts. David now dedicates himself to communicating the diverse perspectives learned during his youth. He holds over a decade of education and work experience in the industry and remains resourceful even under the most bleak circumstances. 


Andy Aguila comes from a Latin-Native American background and grew up in the San Fernando Valley under poverty and an unstable learning environment. Andy eventually found healthy outlets to give his life structure when introduced to the arts. With a background in illustration and animation, Andy has since grown a passion for expressing his diverse voice as a filmmaker using his pre-existing skills. 


While working together David and Andy have won "Best North American Drama" from Canada's Alternative film festival, "Special Selection for Dramatic Excellence" from the Believe Psychology Film Festival, and a "Special Achievement Award" from The Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, to name a few. 


David & Andy have also worked on viral web-shows such as "Life as a Mermaid", "WitchHaven", & "Horror History."


Their complementary philosophies & work experience ensures the development of balanced, marketable, thought provoking entertainment in film & television. David & Andy are a team that believes good things come to those that make, not those that wait. 

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