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A young man, seeking maternal guidance finds himself a victim of sexual assault, later forced to confront his abuser once he learns of her sudden death.

"Roses for Ms. Jacobs," is a melancholy drama that explores youth, masculinity, grooming, and trauma.  

Alternative Film Festival's (Canada) "Best North American Drama" (2020)

Type: Short Film

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 18 min. 18 sec. 

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I Can't Save You - Poster 2.png


A woman attempting to escape her traumatic past is confronted by a series of memories that unfold, forcing her to confront her deepest regrets.

"I Can't Save You," is a surrealistic short film that explores regret & physiological trauma through striking visuals, intense music, & grand locations. 

Throughout the story, we follow a woman who continues to come across visions of herself. Unclear where or when we are- each location reveals a small narrative clue. These clues collide towards the film's climax to reveal a grieving woman, seeking to overcome regret for her drastic & morally grey decisions which lead to a dissociated state. 

LA Live Score Film Festival (Helix Collective) "Winning Selection" (2020)

Type: Short Film

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 14 min. 36 sec. 

Quick Minute Bible - Updated Bible Poste


A failing news network must reinvent itself to avoid cancelation, only to find itself stuck with a group of inexperienced & eccentric new employees.

A sizzle created to help visualize the upcoming mockumentary series, "The Quick Minute."

In a world dominated by media sensationalism, The Quick Minute aims to reinvent the mockumentary and push the boundaries between reality & fiction. 

While still currently on the market, The Quick Minute aims to be more than just a show, and instead spread its content far and wide from social media, to new media, TV, and podcasting. 

Type: Webisode

Genre: Comedy  

Runtime: 5 min. 10 sec. 

Dating Sucks Selection poster.png


A young bisexual man on the search for something meaningful struggles to connect with the eccentric people he continues to date.

A short pilot webisode entitled "Two Dates, One Night," centers around a protagonist whose sexuality is called into question on two separate occasions.

With a darkly comedic tone & a mysterious ending alluding to the shows overarching plot- "Two Dates, One Night," aims to commentate on the modern obsession with sex, sexuality, & online dating.

While still in development, Dating Sucks seeks to expand beyond a web-series and develop into a dynamic streaming series with a host of diverse characters under its new name "I Love Roy."

Type: Webisode

Genre: Comedy  

Runtime: 5 min. 49 sec. 

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