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Capitol Joe

"After accidentally securing his first term, a corny, out of touch, environmentalist finds himself on a downward spiral towards corruption in a desperate attempt to secure his reelection."

Inspired by an original pilot created by David Legel & Jonathan Rush- Capitol Joe acts as a prelude following the events leading up to "The Quick Minute." 

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, David Legel & Andy Aguila, co-founders of Egalitarian Arts Foundation were inspired to create a series that explored politics from an unprecedented angle. With the film and tv industry at a standstill, and the prospects of "The Quick Minute" losing its greenlight for the Summer of 2020, a plan was devised to maintain EGA's creative momentum. 

In May, David Legel & Andy Aguila began creating the blueprints for Capitol Joe and by early June, Jonathan Rush was attached as a producer and Andy as the director of the show's proof-of-concept.

Capitol Joe's proof-of-concept stars Andrew John Morrison (Roses for Ms. Jacobs) as Joe Smith, Angela de Silva (10 Things I Hate About You) as Teresa Thomas- Joe's fierce congressional competitor, & David Legel as Trevor Quickston- Joe's ethically ambiguous campaign manager.

The test pilot was completed in December 2020 and released on Amazon Prime Video in late February. Two years later on February 4th, a new, shorter cut was released for free on YouTube. While the extended cut can still be found on Amazon, acting as the Director's Cut, the YouTube release stands as the official version of the pilot.

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