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Quick Minute Media

Quick Minute Media (QMM) is a brand representing the TV series "The Quick Minute" and all its ancillary properties. 

Capitol Joe is a new media, mockumentary, comedy series based in "The Quick Minute" universe.


The series follows a hopeful, naïve, farmer boy turned politician who desperately attempts to retain his congressional seat, but falls down a rabbit whole of corruption and ethical ambiguity after hiring the highly controversial Trevor Quickston, grandson to the founder of Quick Minute News. The series acts as a prelude to the events leading up to "The Quick Minute."

Watch Capitol Joe's pilot today on Amazon! (click here to learn more)


The Quick Minute is a 30-minute mockumentary, comedy series that follows the rebirth of a dying and dysfunctional news network led by former marketing executive and failed campaign manager, Trevor Quickston, who brings the network success in all the wrong places. 

The series was originally set to be greenlit in Summer of 2020, but has since been delayed until further notice.


QMM aims to continue expanding its property through social media interactivity, short-form content, and merchandise. 

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