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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

The Virus changed people's lives. It destroyed families, ruined careers, and destabilized powerful nations. As we move forward, our views of hope and success have diminished. We are more cynical than ever before, more existential than we ever thought we'd become.

But I want you to know a little secret. The virus was nothing more than a tipping point.

We have always stood on weakened support. Beneath us, our floor was always rotting away. The virus acted as a sudden crack in our wood beams, nothing more, nothing less. It was not the final blow and it certainly won't be the last.

The hard truth we have to face is that post-pandemic, the world will be as it was before. Though different in some ways, much of what we see and feel always existed. It is but now that we bring attention to what we knew deep down all along.

It is through this strange, methodical journey that I share some insight with you.

Before the pandemic I was fortunate enough to deliver a commencement speech. My speech was a culmination of dedication to my craft, my passion for storytelling, and my inevitable confrontations with failure.

When the pandemic hit, it completely side tracked my career and my life. My words, the same I had written in September of 2019 had quickly faded from my memory. I had forgotten the very lesson I learned not so long ago.

I have failed a lot. I continue to fail.

But failure is a blindfold that keeps us from seeing what we accomplish.

It is in you too that it must be learned, you're failures could very well be someone else's view of success.

For the only people who truly fail are those who never tried at all.

I hope you consider my words and get something from my video.

I appreciate you.

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