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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Seeing Shadows in the Dark

The modern world is a stark contrast of thriving prosperity and deep suffering.

Humankind has and continues to make incredible advancements while simultaneously falling into our historical synchronicity of repeating our mistakes.

Mistakes not made by a nation, a culture, a community, but mistakes made by our species as a whole.

While our scale in the universe and our relative perspectives make the human race difficult to quantify- our ability to record events and emotions throughout history allows us a morphed, but revealing look at our collective tragic flaw.

We are blind.

Our greatest tragedy is not that we are selfish or violent.

We are ignorant.

Ignorance leads to fear, to violence.

Ignorance makes us selfish, makes us cruel.

In a sense, we live within the allegorical cave.

Without seeing shadows cast upon the wall, giving us our morphed glimpse of the world outside, we are instead completely blind within the cave. Void of even the ability to perceive deceptive images.

No shadows can be seen when one is blind, and thus, if the original allegory of the cave were reflective of our ignorance, it is likely that there were no shadows to begin with. We projected shadows in the dark, we created them within our own minds.

This is why we falter.

We fill the dark- the void- with our inner-selves.

Our perspective is in a sense a reflection, but we are still blind, and thus unable to see- to understand that reflection.

This is what we are. This is our tragic flaw.

We, being blind, don't use images- we use the void. We fill it with meaning, and that meaning is reflective of our ignorance.

The less perspective we have, the blinder we are. The more removed from reality our caves will be.

This is not a dismal of our achievements or our potential.

This is a call for us to evolve our collective sense of sight. To embrace an egalitarian outlook on our species and our surroundings.

Egalitarianism is in its simplest form the gateway to perspective.

There is power in perspective.

As we collectively embrace eyes that are not our own, we begin to let in the light.

We begin to grow just a bit closer to obtaining true sight.

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